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Xiamen '2024 Huandong Style Season' kicks off

en.swj.xm.gov.cn| Updated: July 9, 2024 L M S

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The Huandong Style Season event is held at Xiamen Fantawild Dreamland. [Photo/Xiamen Daily]

The "2024 Huandong Style Season" held by Tong'an district kicked off at Xiamen Fantawild Dreamland on July 6.

This two-month-long cultural and tourism extravaganza includes the Xiamen Fantawild Beer and Electronic Music Festival, the Fishing Village Life Festival, the Xiamen International Beer Festival, and the Huandong Romantic Coast Tide Play Activities, offering a one-stop entertainment experience.

The Fishing Village Life Festival is an excellent way to experience the coastal charm of Xiamen. During the event, activities will be held in the four coastal fishing villages of Putou, Houtian, Pantu, and Bingzhou, with a focus on the unique seafood each has to offer. The festival will feature a three-day celebration combining music, food, village products, and beer in each village.

Meanwhile, the 2024 Xiamen International Beer Festival will kick off at the end of July and run for 15 days. Spanning over 200,000 square meters of coastal space, the festival will bring together globally renowned beer brands and craft breweries. It is the most influential beer festival in Fujian Province. 

Moreover, the event offers round-the-clock entertainment, with daytime activities like coffee camping markets and evening food night markets featuring international and Minnan specialties.

The Huandong Romantic Coast Tide Play Activities cater to people interested in both vacation and sports. The 2024 Xiamen Watersports Games and its accompanying events will kick off during the summer. 

Events like the Fujian Youth Windsurfing Championship will follow one after another. In addition to watching these exciting sea races, participants will also have the chance to experience firsthand activities like kayaking, water bicycles, sailing, and windsurfing.

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